Nottingham Outlaws - BMX in Nottingham

What we get up to

The best wat to get started is to come along to our weekly Saturday morning training sessions. The Nottingham club host lots of club racing at the race track in Bulwell, more than just about any other club in the country. We believe that club racing forms the foundations of the club, keeping our younger riders interested and motivated. Club races are the best place for new riders to learn the ropes because they are friendly and relaxed events and are less intimidating than regional and national events. Check out the events diary for all the dates.

We run a series of club races both in the Summer and the Winter. We now run our club races with the same computer system used at Regionals and Nationals. This is age based racing where the girls race in with the boys, but they have the option of racing down an age group. We have trophies and prizes for every race series and we celebrate the success of our riders at presentation events where we present all the trophies and prizes.

We also travel to Regional races around the Midlands area and we try and provide assistance to riders who find it difficult to get to these races under their own steam. We also travel to National races, but these are usually weekends away. The riders who are keen to improve their skills, strength and fitness can attend regular weekend training sessions that are run at the Nottingham club by British Cycling qualified coaches. They are run over the winter with different sessions for beginners and intermediate riders with advanced riders taking advantage of the British Cycling Midlands Talent Team Coaching Sessions. The beginners sessions are run by club coach, Phil Gray-Blest and the intermediate sessions are run by Kelvin Batey, see

There is something for everyone, no matter what your age or skill level. See the club news and the events sections of this website for all the latest info.

An exciting development last year was the formation of the Bunney's Bikes Race Team. This year there are two teams, a nursery team with many members. Inclusion in this team is as much about commitment and attitude as it is about talent and results. Then there is the Supercross team with a small number of advanced riders with some great sponsorship deals to reward their talent, skill and dedication. All club members can aspire to the Bunneys team and all the Bunneys team riders can aspire to the Supercross team. Everyone has something to aim for. Both teams consist entirely of Nottingham Outlaws club members. It is unusual, and quite special, for a trade team to be so closely linked with one club because trade teams tend to pick and choose the best riders from around the country. 2010 will see further developments to this system....

The club's 2010 Summer Series starts on Friday, May 7th and runs on into August. Registration closes at 6:45 and all the race dates are in the Events section.